Hope for libraries in Kent

We’re sharing this message from the “Save our public libraries” campaign, Kent.

Until 8 April you can help HOPE for the future triumph austerity-excused cut & burn. There’s still time for you, family and friends to call for a publicly owned library to remain at the heart of each of the 99 proud communities across Kent which currently share our public “efficient & cost effective” library service!

If you haven’t yet:

1) Please read KCC’s consultation document: http://consultations.kent.gov.uk/consult.ti/lraconsultation/view?objectId=13951141#13951141

Decide whether it takes account of the extra costs of a Trust and the risks of an independent organisation outside democratic control (or its failure) then have your say: https://kentcc.firmstep.com/default.aspx/RenderForm/?F.Name=L3gz1GL5h8d&HideAll=1

2) Sign the ‘Save our public libraries’ PETITION  http://tinyurl.com/kentlibs

NB: To sign you have to register. You have to provide your address/postcode/email and then make up your own password (which must contain eight or more characters, including at least one digit and at least one upper case character). So something like Jsmith15 libraries. If you are ready for this it takes just a couple of minutes to register & sign.

3) LIKE  Love Kent Libraries on FACEBOOK facebook.com/LoveKentLibraries …

IF YOU HAVE DONE ALL THESE, THANK YOU. Now, please share the message of hope (for libraries) with your family, friends and contacts across Kent.

Best wishes

‘Save our public libraries’ campaign, Kent


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